Fitness & Health
is a Mentality.

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Xieco provides platform to customers for achieving their fitness goals by providing continuous remote support from selected coaches and dieticians.

  • Remote Coaching

    World class fitness regime whenever and wherever you want
  • Customized Diet Plan
    Get flavorsome yet healthy diet plans tailored to your needs.
  • Customized Exercise Plan
    Get an exercise plan designed as per your requirements.
  • Cloud Support

    View your progress from anywhere, anytime on the Xieco Cloud.

Our Services

Xieco provides the quintessential services to lead a healthy life.

  • - Weight Loss
  • - Weight Gain
  • - Maintain Healthy Life
  • - Thyroid Care
  • - Cholesterol Control
  • - Hypertension Control

How it works

1. Buy Xieco Subscription


2. Download Xieco App

3. Fill up the Questionnaire

In Xieco app, answer some basic questions related to you so that we can customize your plan.

4. Select Your Fitness Plan

Select your fitness plan (weight loss, weight gain, maintain healthy life) and set your goals

5. Share your Data

Log your daily activity, food intake, exercise performed in the app

6. Get reviews from Experts

The Xieco coach reviews your progress and gives valuable feedback so that you can improve your performance.

Corporate Wellness

We provide corporate wellness programs at your workplace. Running such a program provides the following benefits.

  • Medical Costs

    Medical costs fall by about $3.27 for every dollar spent on wellness programs.

  • Less Sick Leave

    28% reduced sick leave, and 26% reduction in medical costs for workplace wellness programs.

  • Rise in Productivity

    Healthy, stressfree employees are more productive than unfit and overloaded employees.

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